Miracle Mozaik Bag




Don’t wait for a miracle, your life is a miracle.

The MIRACLE bag is an elegant bag or bag for every day. It is very practical. This kind of shape makes the bag very interesting and different. Inside of the bag is made of the same material as the base so that it holds the existing shape of it. For safety, the bag has a zipper inside. Inside in the bag is a zippered pocket on one side and phone and card and a key carbine on the other side. The oval bottom of the bag is hardened so that it does not lose their shape when you are loading things. The bag is made very organized inside. The shoulder strap is 3 cm wide, so it fits comfortably and fixedly to the shoulder. Miracle bag is a miracle bag. You can wear it on both sides. So you have two bags in one.

The bags are made of ECO leather, Renna material. It looks like genuine leather. Its structure is out of 80% cotton and 20% Polyurethane, that was ecologically manufactured. Since the material is mostly made of cotton, it breathes.  When you carry the bag every day, the material softens a little bit, because of the cotton base. But this does not change the shape of the bag or the construction of the material.


Height 28cm

Width 34cm

Bottom 27x17cm